Nitty-gritty(60) Taster

Nitty-gritty(60) Taster

The voucher includes:

  1. A Pre-flight Brief – to explain the controls etc.
  2. 60 minutes from when we start the engine to engine off after our return. The flying experience includes the practical movement of the controls to enable you to take control and fly for as much of the time that is available. In a 60 minute voucher you will be able to take more flying control and also to go farther afield. To help Rosie to give you this unique taste of microlight flying it is essential to keep her updated as to what you would like to do. Some people like to be shown a stall, steep turn or practice forced landing, and others DO NOT! Each air experience flight is therefore unique!
  3. The ‘Rosie Assessment’ of your performance. This is Rosie’s bit of fun.   You have scared her silly and/or made her unwell, now she can write about her experience!

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