Can microlighting be as much fun as they say and still be legal? Will I bore my friends and relatives when I tell them about my first microlight flight? Find out with a taster flight (A CHRISTMAS GIFT?).

Enjoy the views and take control! Spend 30, 45 or 60 minutes behind the propellor of either my basic 'seat of the pants' Cyclone AX3 or the whizzy (more comfortable) Ikarus C42. For the ultimate microlight experience have 30 minutes in each of my contrasting aircraft: the sublime, but twitchy, Cyclone AX3 and the more stable Ikarus C42.

NOTE: It is still possible to send a cheque with return details to R. Simpson, 53 Lindenthorpe Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 1BQ to receive a voucher by return.

Any questions email rosie@flights-with-rosie.co.uk or call 07930 538111.