Most people are able to obtain a pilot’s licence but your progress will depend on:

  1. How frequently you are able to have lessons; this could be to do with finance, time available, and/or the weather.   [An intensive course or part course is always an option when the weather is dependable.]
  2. How old you are and your basic co-ordination – the older you are the more you might have to unlearn!
  • The cost of a licence depends on the above.   The microlight licence is 25 hours minimum but a light aircraft licence is 34 hours with a very similar syllabus.   Therefore a rough idea of the cost of a licence would be 34 x £115 = £3910 probably taking two seasons.   A pre-payment of 10 hours or more qualifies you for an 5% discount. Detailed costings get from Rosie.
  • There are two aircraft available.   The choice might be dependent on what you think you might fly when you have your licence.   One is always able to convert to a different aircraft, even different controls [differences training] at any time.   There is:-
  1. The Cyclone AX3 which is a more basic and more twitchy aircraft.   It is more difficult to fly but very rewarding to master.  This type of basic aircraft get us up in the air cheaply but doesn’t go very far and needs an extra layer of clothing to be comfortable.   Cost £105 per hour – engine on to engine off.
  2. The Ikarus C42 is faster more stable and more comfortable.   If you are weighty then this is the aircraft for you! Training costs £115 per hour – engine on to engine off.
  3. Learning to fly in this country means setting aside time to have lessons when the flying weather arrives.