Most people are able to obtain a pilot’s licence but your progress will depend on:

  1. How frequently you are able to have lessons; this could be to do with finance, time available, and/or the weather.   [An intensive course or part course is always an option when the weather is dependable.]
  2. How old you are and your basic co-ordination – the older you are the more you might have to unlearn!
  • The cost of a licence depends on the above.   The microlight licence is 25 hours minimum but a light aircraft licence is 34 hours with a very similar syllabus.   Therefore a rough idea of the cost of a licence would be 34 x £120 = £4080 probably taking two seasons.   A pre-payment of 10 hours or more qualifies you for an 5% discount. Detailed costings get from Rosie.
  • The training aircraft is
  1. The Ikarus C42 a fast, stable and comfortable microlight, looking very similar to a light aircraft.   Training cost @ £120 per hour – engine on to engine off.
  2. One is always able to convert to your own aircraft at any time. [Ask Rosie for cost.
  3. A microlight with different controls has to be a short course of 'differences training' and is usually done after the PPL[M] is obtained,
    Learning to fly in this country means setting aside time to have lessons when the flying weather arrives.