Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

I was brought to task for not updating my Posts and Blog. Regular users of flights-with-rosie will know that I update the Home page introduction regularly, not realising that each time I do, the history is lost! Sorry People but hopefully I will do better in 2016.

This week [March!] I have been wishing other pilots “Happy New Year”    because it has been the first time I’ve seen them in a very unflyable year in the UK, so far.

Let’s get flying now BUT be careful. Out of four aircraft trying to fly from the airfield this week, three had problems with their aircraft!

Choose a very good day to fly [yes, I know you are air starved] so that you can ease yourself back into flying.

VERY carefully and slowly do ALL pre-flight checks including a full power check.

Mentally play through your flight BEFORE you get in, especially take offs in a gyro and landing in a fixed wing.



Monday, October 29th, 2012

Going FIRST SOLO in your flying career is a tremendous milestone – the exhilaration, the fear – [and that's only the instructor!]. Everyone who has experienced FIRST SOLO will remember every second, let alone every minute but what happens next?

Do you now have ‘freedom of the skies’ as I thought when I went first solo? Instead of doing one circuit, as possibly instructed, I kept going round and round until the weather looked threatening! Ooh was my name mud when I landed? The CFI thought I had been doing circuits for so long I didn’t know how to stop!

So ‘No’, you don’t have freedom of the skies. The instructor has sent you solo because s/he has recognised your competence on ONE occasion.

Therefore, the instructor will go with you next flight [Advice: make it as soon as possible] just to confirm that the standard is there again and will get out giving you the chance to do more circuits by yourself.

Each time you fly when the circumstances are different:- different circuit, wind amount or direction, or if you haven’t flown for a while, the instructor will fly with you to check that you are happy with these differences before sending you solo again.

It always amazes me how much improvement is made at this stage. The solo student has to take ALL the responsibility for ALL the decisions up there so it shouldn’t be surprising really.

As the pilot you can initiate your own individual [but hopefully] minor experiments without that pesky other person interfering! The instructor is there to note trends in your flying. S/he can point things out and expand your syllabus.

The next stage is to go out of the circuit, maintain accurate flight and come back in, landing successfully.  The length of time out of the circuit will be lengthened until it is time to go on cross countries to a different airfield, first with the instructor and then on your two qualifying solo cross countries. Here again is exhilaration and  fear for both you and your instructor! All this will make up your qualifying minimum of 10 hours solo [ NPPL UK].

So then on to the GST – General Skills Test……….

Sunday, April 8th, 2012
Converting onto the Magni Orion

Thank you, Phil Harwood and Nick Wright, [the gyrocopter experience, York, who converted me onto the Magni Orion [or M24] in March. I made the journey south from Rufforth, near York, to Maypole, near Canterbury without alarming Scampton, Waddington, Luton or Stansted!

It helps to take off the rotor brake!

Enjoy YOUR flying as well


Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012


Hurrah, the days are now getting longer again. Look out for those good spells of weather and be ready to fly!

Good flying this year


Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Yes, I’m congratulating myself!

Being sent first solo is a terrifying but liberating experience. You know you can do it but the instructor wont get out. Funny how as soon as he does get out you are not so confident any longer!

At last, Steve Boxall, my gyrocopter instructor, sent me solo. Once I’d taken off there was that unique, first solo, shock: only I could get me down! What a wonderful way to spend a day in March!

In April, I did my first solo cross country to Sandown, Isle of Wight. Even better, I found my way back to Old Sarum again. Steve Boxall was so pleased to get his Magni 16 back! Thanks Steve.

How was your flying in March and April?

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Hi everyone

Went to the Flying Show last weekend and saw the Magni 24 side by side, full cockpit, gyrocopter. It does look good. I’ve had a few hours in the Magni 16 with Steve Boxall at Old Sarum and really enjoyed myself! We were doing circuits in 16 gusting 26 winds with no problem. This is the attraction of course besides the gyro’s great manoeuvrability and short landing roll.

The price is £70,000, however! So anyone interested?


Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Congratulations to Steve who went SOLO. I thought he might bring my aircraft back okay so I got out for that Very Very Special First Solo moment. Steve found that I weigh a certain amount so he was up in the air quicker than he is used to but he controlled it well. Seemingly he was a bit delusional as he could still hear me talking all the way round the circuit!

My special memory

The sun setting behind me and the red light reflected off the flash of Steve’s teeth! He remembered to taxi back to pick me up too. Weird to give so much pleasure just by staying on the ground!

Very Well Done, Steve. Not long now to your licence, weather permitting.


Monday, September 13th, 2010

Welcome to the website. What do you think of it?!  Comments are now easy to make and much appreciated, (probably!).

The aim of the new site is to give far more explanation for those trying to choose a first flight. It is also more user friendly for the trainee pilot. Your critique is requested. I love the Met office widget!

Thanks to those “old” f-w-r pilots who have made contact but if you are intending to make contact, do remind me of our particular adventure(s) whilst sharing a microlight

and perhaps what flying you are doing now.

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

My first ever flight in a flying machine was in a two seater aircraft. Before I booked it, I wrote  to the flying school to ask how much the licence would cost. The answer frightened me off for a whole year. Then I thought, “Well, one flight can’t do any harm.”  It was WONDERFUL! Two years later I had a pilot’s licence!

Did you have a similar experience?