Does the weather have much influence on flying?


Like all flying activities, microlight flying is affected by the weather. If it is too windy (more than 15mph) the aircraft will be more difficult and less enjoyable to fly. Low visibility is no fun either. To be legal we require 3000m horizontal visibility outside controlled airspace.

So once you’ve booked your flight please confirm on the evening before (Students: as otherwise arranged) to find out the expected weather conditions and the field to be used.

In flying we need to be as flexible as possible. If you see that the weather is good enough, give Rosie a call to see whether she is available too!

‘There is no point doing a chore on a good flying day but not being able to fly the next.’

We all become ‘uncertain of our position’ at one time or another. Always get a met forecast before flight. NB Motorway signs are fairly large….. but that’s another story!

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