HAPPY NEW flying YEAR 2016!

I was brought to task for not updating my Posts and Blog. Regular users of flights-with-rosie will know that I update the Home page introduction regularly, not realising that each time I do, the history is lost! Sorry People but hopefully I will do better in 2016.

This week [March!] I have been wishing other pilots “Happy New Year” ¬† ¬†because it has been the first time I’ve seen them in a very unflyable year in the UK, so far.

Let’s get flying now BUT be careful. Out of four aircraft trying to fly from the airfield this week, three had problems with their aircraft!

Choose a very good day to fly [yes, I know you are air starved] so that you can ease yourself back into flying.

VERY carefully and slowly do ALL pre-flight checks including a full power check.

Mentally play through your flight BEFORE you get in, especially take offs in a gyro and landing in a fixed wing.



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