Welcome to the improved website!

Welcome to the website. What do you think of it?!  Comments are now easy to make and much appreciated, (probably!).

The aim of the new site is to give far more explanation for those trying to choose a first flight. It is also more user friendly for the trainee pilot. Your critique is requested. I love the Met office widget!

Thanks to those “old” f-w-r pilots who have made contact but if you are intending to make contact, do remind me of our particular adventure(s) whilst sharing a microlight

and perhaps what flying you are doing now.

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  1. David says:

    I have been wanting to take to the sky’s since I can remember, I’m now 36 years of age and after viewing your site everyday for the last 4 months I am going to take the plunge. But I only currently have one free day a week so will take the advice on your site, I will save a little first and wait, book a week off work and take as many hours as I can fit in to that time scale to begin with. May I just say you are an inspiration, as are the students that have commented on your site. Thank you David from Biddenden Kent.

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