WOW – 2018 – so where is the flying weather?!


SO BE KIND TO YOURSELF IF YOU HAVEN’T FLOWN FOR A WHILE: WAIT FOR GOOD FLYING WEATHER AND JUST ENJOY A JOLLY. On the next flight you can do something more challenging being in control and thinking ahead of your aircraft!!

Keep looking at the forecasts ( the more the better) so YOU too can have a PPL[M] by this time next year!

It could all start now! However, here is the secret, Clear the decks [be available] when the weather is flyable.


AND, of course, there are those theory exams to be passed before taking the flying test. [Rosie's STILL doing her gyro instructor's course!]

Why not start on your road to a pilot’s licence in 2017?

Another Wonderful flight

ANDY and I flew over THE GOODWIN SANDS at low tide. Why was it so wonderful? Well, we had had to pospone the flight a few times but that day the tide was low, the sun shone and the wind was perfect. We flew over the crescents of sand banks seeing the seals basking on this infrequent dry land. As I say,  A WONDERFUL FLIGHT!!!

Haven’t started flying yet?  Now’s the time to take that first FLIGHT WITH ROSIE.

Or for those with a licence to revalidate why not have your Instructor Hour over beautiful East Kent……with Rosie?!

Still wondering about flying? Read on…

Have you been wondering, (perhaps for years!) about taking a first flight in a small aircraft? Perhaps you want to learn to fly or even, as a qualified light aircraft pilot, you now not only realise that microlights are seriously good aircraft worth experiencing but they are cheaper to fly and maintain?

Can microlighting be as much fun as they say and still be legal? Will you, or the receiver of the gift, bore their friends and relatives when reliving that first microlight flight in Kent?

Find out for yourself  by taking a unique air experience flight or ‘learn to fly’ course with Rosie, based near Canterbury in East Kent overlooking the English Channel.